We are VERY excited here at Questor Morgans to be standing OGO Windswept Soleil for the 2006 and beyond breeding season. I met Wendy LeGate of Old Growth Oak Morgans, when she called to inquiry on a lease of a Shawalla mare that I have. We got to talking and she told me about Soleil, who at the time was standing in Canada. Since Soleil has some of the same breeding as my foundation Stallion EEThree Favorite, I was very interested in breeding to him when he came home. Lucky for me he came home early!

OGO WindSwept Soleil is a promising young stallion showing the good traits of his parents and ancestors. He is even tempered, sensible, calm, easy to get along with, correct, handsome and has good movement. His heritage is one of working and using horses, mostly bred for ranch use by people who needed good working horses and who knew what made that in a horse. His pedigree has much of the old California blood, going back to Richard Sellman’s breeding. He also has some of the good old Brunk breeding, especially that of Red Vermont. To add to the mix, he has some good lines back to Old Vermont and Old Midwest families. The same breeding repeats in his pedigree on both sides, giving balance and strength to his heritage. He brings to today, the valuable traits treasured by horseman of the past.

OGO WindSwept Soleil is by
CanDon Joshua Danny x Woodrose Katrina

Soleil will be standing during the 2006 breeding season in Gilroy, California

2006 stud fee is $350.00
Plus a Booking Fee of $150.00
Mare care $10/day dry

Mare care $12/day wet

Semen transport available

AI Services available

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Shatona Karzan

Twinkle Star

CanDon Joshua Danny

Danny Easter Vermont

Dannys Duchess

Broadwall Linda Lou
     OGO WindSwept Soleil

Dapper Dan

Windswept Imperial

Little Sweatheart

Woodrose Katrina




For a view of Soleil's extended pedigree you can visit OGO Windswept Soleil

E-mail: info@questormorgans.net