Sumrsnow Questor Merlin

Sumrsnow Questor Merlin
- '02 Bay Gelding (Sumrsnow Gemini x A Nostra Principessa)

Many things make this colt eye catching: He has a well-balanced, long and level croup; his neck and head carriage are upright and strongly adhere to the Morgan Horse standard; he has wonderfully wide, large eyes. He comes from a long line of Western Working, good thinking, versatile horses. $3500.00

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Questor Xena  

Questor Xena
- '02 Dark Bay Filly (Cedar Creek Jeopardy x PJM Noblessa)

This stylish, ultra-refined, beautifully marked filly comes from a long line of proven show horses. Her dam is a daughter of Noble Command and Figure's Lorelei. Her sire is a full brother  to syndicated show stallion, Cedar Creek Harlequin. She is impeccably bred to excel in both the show ring and broodmare band. She would be an asset to any discriminating breeder. $3500.00

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Questor Sangria  

Questor Sangria
- '02 Chestnut filly (Cedar Ridge Victory x Shabley's Contessa)

Very Sweet and refined, solid with correct legs, and stylish carriage keep this filly consistent with the Cedar Ridge Victory Babies. She has very nice motion, that would make her a stylish, eye catching 2 yr pleasure driving prospect. she's ready to start! $3500.00

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Questor Hawk

Questor Hawk
- '02  Bay Gelding (Irish Triton Skyhawk x Triton Lily)

Very correct, solidily built government bred colt. Excellent sport horse or carriage prospect. should mature to 14.3hh ++. $4500.00

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Questor Nigel

Questor Nigel
- '02 Bay Colt (EEThree Favorite x SBA Megan)

Nigel will be big! He shows great promise as a Dressage or eventing horse. He has wonderfully straight legs, nice wide eye set, nice top line and shoulder and large nostrils that make him very athletic. He will remain a stallion.

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FOALS OF 2003!:


Questor Kootenay Bay
- '03 Bay Gelding (EEThree Favorite x Triton Lily)

This is the first cross of Favorite and Lilly. Koot is everything we expected him to be! He has a wonderful personality, is very typey and correct and will make a wonderful all around horse, he should be able to do anything you ask of him. He shows talent to make a very successful english pleasure driving show horse. $3500.00

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Questor Calypso
- '03 Bay Colt (EEThree Favorite x Hawthorn Olympiad)

This is another outstanding cross between these two horses. Calypso is a full brother to Angelique. Whereas Angelique is very light, Calypso will be almost black! He is very correct, very solidly built and an awesome personality! $2500.00

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Bettys filly
Sumrsnow Mystique - '03 Buckskin filly (Black Saddle Starbuck x Crest Cantata)

This is a Big, Awesome, Buckskin Filly, She has height - will mature to over 15hh, Personality - is a real people person filly, and Color - Deep golden Buckskin. She is a 1/2 sister to Sumrsnow Gemini, You can't lose by choosing this filly!
For more information E-mail: sumrsnowx@aol.com


Bettys colt
Sumrsnow Chiloquin Chief - '03 Bay gelding

This little guy is very sure of himself! He is extremly typey, Lippitt gelding. He loves to be where you are and thinks he has every right to be there! He will be a winner in the show ring or a pleasure as a family horse. For more information E-mail: sumrsnowx@aol.com



Zen's Athena Flash

Questor Sen's Athena Flash
- '02 Chestnut Filly (Josie Flashy x Xanadu Sens Delight)

This solidily built athletic filly sports alot of chrome and is destined to follow her dad on cows and her mother in the breeding shed. She carries the blood lines of  Go Man Go, Joe Reed and Mr. Sen Sen.

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Foals for sale



Questor Angelique
- '02 filly, (EEThree Favorite x Hawthorn Olympiad)

Chestnut w/flaxen mane and tail.
Wonderful disposition, well balanced Filly, will make a nice sport horse, western working horse prospect, with broodmare potential.

- SOLD! Congratulations to Dana Mortenson!-

Questor Karmen  

Questor Karmen
- '02 Black filly (EEThree Favorite x Charming Carmida)
This Filly is well balanced with a wonderfully sweet disposition. She is a blend of Condo and Shawalla breeding that is hard to find. She will make a wonderful family/western horse, with definate broodmare potential. This filly is built to work!

- SOLD! Congratulations to Lori Lindenmeyer!-

Questor Claire - '03 Bay filly (EEThree Favorite x SBA Megan)

This little bundle of joy, arrived completely un-announced! She is very very elegant, again, and wonderful, friendly personality. She will be very dark and have good size to her. She is a full sister to Questor Nigel who is replacing his dad in the breeding shed. She is heavily Congo/Condo bred with a splash of Lippitt thrown in. This filly is one that you do not want to miss out on!

- SOLD! Congratulations to Claire Hackett!-

Questor Excalibur

Questor Excalibur
- '02 Black Gelding (EEThree Favorite x Rio's Torchsong)

Big, Strong, Upheaded Colt, very typey, Lots of motion. Very elegant, should mature to around 15hh +.
- SOLD! Congratulations to Debbi Hinnman!-

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